PR Week is getting better, sort of

PR Week has been a much better read these last few weeks, than it has been for some years. However, there are bits of it I just don’t get.

I mean what is Blog of the Day all about? Good idea, but it would help if you knew why it was Blog of the Day and what you were actually going to. Today it’s David Brain’s sixtysecondview, so why not just say that?

The videos are the same. For the quality they are far too slow to download. The quality of the content is also a bit variable. Ironically David’s is one of the ones that stands out as most interesting.

Anyway PR Week still deserves a pat on the back and hopefully it will continue to improve as the industry needs a decent trade mag.

UPDATE: Just realised that a screen grab might help to explain what I mean. And I’ve also just read David’s blog and seen his post about the PR Week Power Book. That’s why it’s blog of the day. I suspect TWL will have fun tomorrow, surprised we haven’t already seen something.


Stuart Bruce

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  1. Good point about the Blog of the Week Stuart…we've changed it now to make the description a little more illuminating!

  2. Thanks Claire, looks better already 😉

    Thanks Richard, still not sure why people like Andy, Tim and Gordon aren't in. PR Week asked me to fill in a form late last year, but I didn't realise at the time that it actually meant you'd be in it.

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