Cabinet Office hits back at inaccurate media coverage of Deputy Director of Digital Communication job advert

Once again the media has been getting its collective knickers in a twist because the UK government is recruiting a ‘Twittercrat’ who will be ‘paid to teach the Government how to use social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Bebo.’ Cue, lots of critical comment and editorials. Except that most of it wasn’t true and every single story contained inaccuracies.

The Cabinet Office has responded with a detailed rebuttal of all of the inaccuracies. It’s a great riposte, but the media won’t be interested as all they do is publish their own version of political spin that fits their agenda.

The Cabinet Office has marshalled some interesting facts and statistics as part of it’s explanation of how essential the post is, by demonstrating how the internet has revolutionised the way the world works and communicates:

‘Last year YouTube received 11 million unique users from the UK and more than 35 million Britons visited a blog. People are using digital channels to talk to each other and to the Government.   The Downing Street Twitter account is followed by more than 1.2 million people, more than the official White House Twitter and considerably more than the daily circulation on most national newspapers. It is vital that the Government understands the medium and uses it properly. If people want to engage with us online, we should be capable of engaging with them online.’

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