Seven things PR professionals can do to empower women on International Women’s Day

Seven things PR professionals can do to empower women on International Women’s Day

PR professionals should use International Women’s Day to think about what they can do to help empower women to succeed in the public relations business.

  1. Campaign to end the gender pay gap and take action to at least stop in your workplace.
  2. You’re a professional communicator so be professional. Eliminate all sexist language and avoid phrasing that assumes people are male – he/she, policeman etc
  3. Create a safe space where women can talk to someone supportive who can provide informal, confidential advice and support on everything from career development to preventing harassment
  4. Mentor a young woman by providing a role model and helping her to develop her career.
  5. Tackle informal sexism in the workplace – who makes the coffee and gets biscuits in meetings, quips about clothing and appearance, friendly banter that is (often unintentionally) derogatory and anything but friendly.
  6. Create a family friendly workplace. This doesn’t mean providing flexible working hours to women with caring responsibilities, but encouraging men who work for you to take their fair share of the responsibility for caring for children, elderly relatives etc.
  7. Encourage American friends to vote for Hilary Clinton. It’s long overdue that the so-called ‘leader of the free world’ comes from the other 50% of the world’s population.

I’m not claiming this is the definitive list, but it’s a start that I created off the top of my head. If you’ve got ideas or suggestions for somethings to add or even that would be better then please add them in the comments.

UPDATE: Text of a speech I gave at the House of Commons in the UK as part of the campaign to end gender pay discrimination.

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